Urquhart update

Global TV’s internal review has deemed that reporter Catherine Urquhart breached journalistic principles but considers her on-air reporting “newsworthy, fair and impartial.” She will start work again on Monday.



  1. Norman Farrell

    Impartial, hey? That is not what Liberal campaign manager Barinder Sall wrote in his message applauding Urquhart’s assistance.

    However, it is exactly what was to be expected from Global’s internal review. Usually when an organization investigates itself, it comes out clean. Instead of “clean”, we could say “whitewashed.”

  2. spartikus

    Without watching all Urquhart’s Heed reports again, I wouldn’t be able to say with any degree of certainty if she fluffed him up. The appearance of a mutual back-scratching agreement b/w the two has certainly not been dispelled.

    Yet I’m not sure I wanted Urquhart fired either. What can I say, I’m a softie.

    I think the embarrassment of Global News suffices. May it translate into lower ratings…