Kash Heed’s Global reach

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Surprise, Kash Heed is in trouble again. But that’s not what caught my eye here. It was this:

The warrant also exposed a revealing email exchange between Sall and Global TV reporter Catherine Urquhart.

“I can honestly say Kash would not be SG [solicitor-general] today if it hadn’t been for some key people behind the scenes,” Sall wrote to Urquhart on June 10, 2009.

“There were only truly 3 people that played a major role: Me, Peter Dhillon and yourself and Kash knows this,” he added.

“Peter was the money guy, I’m the brown tanned James Bond strategy girl chasing guy and you were like the communications director … your stories, coverage and timing gave Kash a lot of profile and built him a following from day 1 at West Van and then leading into the election.”

In response, Urquhart wrote, “Hey … that’s really sweet of you ….

I would think that would be considered <cough> unbecoming behaviour for a journalist, but that’s just me.

Your Liberal media…still not liberal. More like stenographers and, yes, communications directors.

UPDATE: More Heed-Urquhart shenanigans?

UPDATE 2: Ian Reid has more thoughts.

UPDATE 3: Somewhat amusing to see Global BC has posted exactly the same article as the Sun…sans the part with Urquhart. It’s there now, as is the “fair and balanced” line. Need to work on your messaging, Mr. Haysom.

UPDATE 4: Quote of the day! Global BC News Director Ian Haysom says the station is looking into the matter, but adds the station’s coverage on Kash Heed has remained fair and balanced. And somewhere, Rupert Murdoch smiles…

UPDATE 5: Gary Mason tweets…

Indeed. The people’s faith in the media might erode. Or something. Oy.

UPDATE 6: Urquhart taken off-air pending review of conduct.