No bid contract, baby!

This is a image of F-35 A Joint Strike Fighter

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Ah, the no-bid JSF. A fine piece of engineering and the largest military purchase in Canadian history. Even so, relax, the pricetag won’t change. We know this because Stephen Harper and Peter MacKay said so…

…thus it is true. Except…

Whoopsie….white elephant!

The F-35 fighter jet, set to replace a large part of the US warplane fleet, has become the most expensive weapons program ever…Defense officials say the original cost estimates have now doubled to make each plane’s price tag reach some 92 million dollars.


US Defense Secretary Robert Gates has warned the cost overruns cannot continue…”The culture of endless money that has taken hold must be replaced by a culture of restraint,” he said recently.

Price is no object for a smokin’ sports car national security.