links for 2010-12-18

  • The main story line of the U.S. economy over the last third of a century evokes Charles Dickens's classic "A Christmas Carol." Starting in the late 1970s, the labor market turned ferociously against those with less education and in favor of those with more. This was not Ronald Reagan's fault, nor George Bush's (either one), nor Mitch McConnell's. It just happened. And except for a brief shining moment during the Clinton boom, the Great Disequalization has continued unabated to this day.

    You might have thought that the government would push back against this trend, but you'd have been wrong. Instead, our government has opted for lavish tax cuts for the haves and crumbs (or worse) for the have nots. In consequence, America may now be the greatest place on earth to be rich but an awful place to be poor.