Compare and contrast: Vivian Krause edition

There has never been a major oil spill in Vancouver harbour, but this coming Sunday protestors who say a spill is inevitable will take kayaks and canoes out into the water to stare down oil tankers.

Vivian Krause, National Post.

1.81 We found that, while Transport Canada and the Canadian Coast Guard have done risk assessments related to ship-source oil spills, the approaches to conducting these assessments have not been consistent or systematic, nor are there formal processes for ensuring that risks are being reassessed on an ongoing basis. As a result, the knowledge of risks in Canada regarding ship-source oil spills, which is important for emergency planning, is neither complete nor up to date. Furthermore, the emergency management plans of the Canadian Coast Guard and Environment Canada, which are important federal players when responding to ship-source oil spills, are not all up to date.

2010 Fall Report of the Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development

Now how could any “real Canadian” have any “legitimate” concerns about oil spills in Vancouver harbour?