Compare and contrast…

From the conservative The Economist:

One of the keenest slashers was British Columbia, which despite being one of the richest provinces has one of the highest rates of child poverty (10.4%) after taxes on family income. Critics of such policies say that children who grow up in poverty forfeit the chance to prosper as adults, or to become productive workers.

And from the conservative Vancouver Sun’s Fraser Institute penned infomercial media-release article of today:

Alberta has the friendliest investment climate among Canadian provinces, while Ontario continues to struggle, according to a report released Thursday from the Fraser Institute.

The report lauded Alberta for its low taxes on companies and people, careful spending at the provincial-government level and lack of red tape.

BC is, sadly, third. Clearly we need to take care of the truly needy and slash corporate taxes.



  1. brentonwalters

    I think it’s time we drop the “conservative” from our discussions about the Economist. I haven’t boned up on my ideology 101 lately, but the Economist is hardly conservative in the sense that we think. I would argue that they are rationalist and monetarist.

  2. spartikus

    Agree, I probably should have put quotes around both instances of “conservative” – the pseudo-libertarian/corporatist Sun editorial board certainly isn’t “conservative” either…