I’ll take fearmongering and demagoguery for $500, Alex


Fan the flames much?

Whether trying to induce public panic over cycling lanes or raising a mob over a YMCA proposal for a community garden (that would merely help integrate immigrants to Canada!), the CityCaucus boys don’t care which innocent third party is collaterally damaged by their obsessive hunt for Moby Gregor.

Is there some specific design feature of the new Hornby bike lane that is problematic for pedestrians? Is there? Here’s what a responsible, mature person would do: THEY WOULD POINT IT OUT.

Is it getting worse for pedestrians? Well, gee, it seems like just today that the local birdcage-liner contained:

Five pedestrians have been killed this year, the most recent an 85-year-old woman struck by a car in the 1100-block of Station Street on Nov. 3.

The numbers are down slightly from similar periods the past two years, but police still call the fatalities “tragic.”

Oh, right. It was just today. Are the sites of recent cycling initiatives also where pedestrian accidents are clustered? Once again…

After compiling ICBC and Vancouver police statistics, The Province’s Top Ten list of the city’s Top 10 crash locations involving pedestrians is:

1. Main and Hastings
2. Commercial Drive and East Broadway
3. Burrard and Davie
4. Joyce and Kingsway
5. Kingsway and Victoria Drive
6. Grandview Highway and Rupert
7. East Broadway and Fraser
8. Burrard and West Georgia
9. Main and Terminal
10. Clark Drive and East Broadway

Here’s what I worry about: Someone will get hurt. But it won’t be a pedestrian. It will be some hapless cyclist attacked by someone spurred on by the rhetoric of sites like CityCaucus.

Free torch and pitchfork with every retweet, though.