Zombie eyes tell me lies

Armless Zombies?

Image by Felix42 contra la censura via Flickr

Courier letter writer reignites a pet-peeve of mine:

Taxpayers are fed up watching successive councils fail to deal with ballooning costs at city hall. This failure has resulted in crippling property taxes for business and residential taxpayers.

This is, of course, bullshit. Per my deli.cio.us links below, BC has the lowest municipal spending per capita in the country. And per the KPMG study often cited here, the one that “compares the total tax burden faced by companies, including income tax, capital tax, sales tax, property tax, miscellaneous local business taxes, and statutory labour costs,” Vancouver ranks #1.

That we are living under some sort of crushing tax burden is a lie. And no matter how times you debunk it, it keeps rising from the dead. It’s a zombie lie.


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