Here is a screenshot of the Yahoo newswire. As you can see it has a story about Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty trying to deal with a “racist tweet” by one of his Ministers. But, according to the CBC version of the story, here is the tweet in question:

“If u vote Ford u r voting for bigotry.”


ford, hudak and harper – the trifecta of republican-style, right wing ignorance and bigotry

[Glenn Murray’s Twitter feed]

Maybe I’ve missed a crucial update to the Oxford Dictionary, but since when is calling someone a bigot…in and of itself racist? Maybe it’s not nice, and so on. But given Mr. Ford says things like “Those Oriental people work like dogs. … They’re slowly taking over” I can, possibly, understand why reasonable people might think that.

Very confusing. Or, maybe, Yahoo’s newswire means “racist tweet” as in “a tweet that charged racism”. Is which case…

…very confusing. Misleading, even.