links for 2010-10-19

  • "…The real cause of the Great Recession is the fact that workers, consumers and the middle class are simply too broke to buy the goods necessary to stimulate the global economy and get people back to work. They no longer earn enough disposable income and are swimming in too much debt to accomplish this.

    In a broader sense, the Great Recession is really the consequence of the long and excruciating death of Fordism, that century-old notion that you need to pay workers a decent wage in order to have a market for your goods. Or, to put it more bluntly, the Great Recession is the result of the brilliantly effective plan by the corporate elites and their minions in government to impoverish and disempower the working class over the past 30 years. A plan that has had the consequence of destroying the very market capitalists need…"

  • "…There is a world of difference between claiming, as the Klein-Rhee statement does, that the single biggest factor in student success is teacher quality and claiming, as Barack Obama does in his more careful moments, that the single biggest school factor is teacher quality. Decades of social science research have demonstrated that differences in the quality of schools can explain about one-third of the variation in student achievement. But the other two-thirds is attributable to non-school factors…"