More on Burrard Bridge accident statistics

In reference to some comments made on, I made an inquiry with ICBC. Here is the PDF I received – 2005-2009 Crashes at Burrard and Pacific Vancouver plus cyclists (Sep 29 10). I’m told this “is also the same report released in the Province on Sunday, October 10th”.

For your amusement, behold my primitive graphing skills:

Burrard Bridge - Accidents

Snark: Where’s the methodology used, eh! How can we know if the stats are reliable!

I believe ICBC is using claims as the basis.

There is definitely a spike in 2009 for July and August. But 2008 had the least number of accidents for July and August in the years included. Comparing 2008 and 2009 was the basis of the statement in the Province article of a “sixfold” increase in accidents for these two months. But looking at all the years together, it’s not nearly so dramatic.

What is unknown is the severity of the crashes. What is also unknown (to me) is whether there is typically a spike in accidents after a traffic pattern change.

Final observation: 15 cycling accidents are listed for 2005-2009. If ICBC claims are indeed the basis for being listed in this, not many cyclists know you can actually make a claim on your ICBC policy on your bicycle. I didn’t, until someone told me.

UPDATE: I just noticed 2010 isn’t graphed correctly. It should end in July. Will try to fix that.
UPDATE 2: Well, I can’t figure it out. Here’s a nice bar chart instead:

Burrard Bridge - Accidents