links for 2010-10-13

  • We're reprinting this reply [PDF] from UCLA professor Donald Shoup, author of the High Cost of Free Parking, to Randal O'Toole, the libertarian Cato Institute senior fellow who refuses to acknowledge the role of massive government intervention in the market for parking, and the effect this has had on America's car dependence. It's an excellent guide to the misdirection, mistakes, logical fallacies, and falsehoods that form the foundation of O'Toole's arguments.
  • "Canadians are having a hard time saving money, according to poll results released Wednesday. The Royal Bank of Canada survey showed 38 per cent of respondents couldn't save at all. The most common reason, given by 30 per cent, was that they have nothing left over after paying their bills. The other eight per cent said it was because of their impulse-buying habits."

    Couldn't possibly be because median income hasn't gone up in decades, could it?