Government by voodoo

Ah, statistics. You’ve got to love them:

In July, the statistical agency reported that “both the volume and severity of police-reported crime fell in 2009,” three per cent from 2008 and 17 per cent from 1999.

So here we have both the short-term and long-term trend declining. So how does Public Safety Minister Toews respond when confronted with the numbers?

“The crime isn’t going down,” Toews insisted. “It is still unacceptably high. Canadians should not be subjected to that kind of crime rate.”

I can almost imagine him stomping his feet with his hands over his ears. Ah, but perhaps Canada’s crime rate is abnormally high compared to other industrialized nations* and a decline of 17% is simply relative? Well, we are #12 on the list. Par for the course, really, and not higher than incarceration mad America.

*The rates for countries with [cough] opaque transparency, like Russia and China, are almost surely low. But I have trust in statistics collected from countries like Germany and France, etc. Of course, by kneecapping StatsCan the Tories are pushing us towards becoming more like the former…