The method, at work

Community Garden

Image by photine via Flickr

The tweet: Plan to transform public green space at Vancouver’s Sunset Beach into private “Gregor Gardens” not sitting well.

The pesky details from the tweet’s link:

The YMCA’s Linda Rubuliak says the proposed 10-thousand square foot community garden at Sunset Beach has had widespread support, “We have received only one comment thus far, as a negative comment.”

The quote based on hearsay CityCaucus is basing “not sitting well” on:

West End resident Erich Timm says plenty of people are against turning one of the area’s few green spaces into a garden for a few green thumbs, “There’s at least well over a dozen probably wrestling with the Park Board right now that are totally, totally against it.”

A dozen, you say? Oh my….

If anyone can join and anyone can walk through it (I do so myself on strolls) how is a community garden “private”? Why is it “Gregor’s Gardens” if the proposal came from the YMCA? It’s a mystery. There’s more details in this Province story. Once again, the opposition consists of one individual – Erich Timm – who doesn’t like taxpayers dollars going towards this. More pesky details:

Funding of about $30,000 for the project is coming from the YMCA, which got the money from Welcome B.C. — a joint program of the federal and provincial governments to aid newcomers to the country.

So, yes, taxpayers dollars…obliquely. But it’s provincial and federal $$$. Once again…”Gregor’s Gardens”?? Huh? The CoV Parks Board administers the land, but this proposal doesn’t originate from the City. If we are to employ the same rhetorical technique, wouldn’t it be fair to characterize CityCaucus and Erich Timm as being anti-immigrant? The garden is designed to help newcomers, after all….

…it wouldn’t be fair. But neither is their position.

Citycaucus. Always going for the Hail Mary touchdown, when a first down will do.