links for 2010-09-14

  • I don't think there's any equivalent to this on the left. Liberals can be annoyingly self-righteous and swept away by hyperbole — calling George W. Bush a moron, for example — but I don't see much deliberate lying. Certainly nothing on the scale of Fox or Limbaugh.

    I have two theories about this. One is that the conservative intelligentsia is deliberately training the Republican base to be irrational. I can almost see them chortling: "If we can get them to believe the earth is only 6,000 years old, we can get them to believe anything!"

    But while this theory provides a little consolation, I don't actually think it's true. Far more likely is theory No. 2 — that Republicans have lost all confidence in their ability to convince the American people with honest arguments. Their triumphalism about November conceals a stink of desperation.

    Consider the big picture: Conservatives have lost the culture war so completely. They can't even keep military gays in the closet anymore.

  • Last week, I walked the length of Hornby Street and counted at least 24 public parkades and parking lots, an average of two per block. The same week, a team of city employees were counting the actual number of off-street spaces available for public parking on or within a block of Hornby:

    Eight thousand, four hundred and forty-five….

    …So why do businesses feel there's a crisis as the city removes fewer than 160 street spaces on Hornby, to make it safer for the increasing number of people — many of them also customers — who make some trips by bicycle?