This cycling survey was Couriered to your door.

Hi, I’m Mike Howell! I interviewed 2 Dunsmuir business owners. One liked the new bike lane! One didn’t*! Therefore business reviews of the lane are mixed! It’s scientifimical!

Meanwhile on the Hornby side of things, the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, and Daughter of the Fraser Institute Laura Jones, release a survey of their own. 63 businesses surveyed and, bowl me over with a feather, most hate bike lanes and hate the City. Now, with all those office towers possibly filled with potential cycling commuters along Hornby, 63 seems…a bit of a low sample size. More science! I did get a kick out of this quote:

I think businesses whom think they will have sales loss are making an excuse for lack of sales. Downtown is destination shopping and people are willing to ‘find’ parking especially cheaper and for longer underground.