Critical Morass

Vancouver Critical Mass

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Something strange has happened. I’m agreeing with a Courier columnist. Sandra Thomas pens a column critical of Critical Mass. It’s filled with anecdotal evidence on how Critical Massers are thoughtless meanies who won’t let old ladies cross the street, but it jives with my own personal observations. Like her, I wonder what the motivation has become for many to participate in the once a month event. It certainly seems to have been taken over by thrill-seekers. And it certainly seems to be undermining the cycling cause with the general public. In this, it reminds me very much of the Black Bloc.

Tactics have lifespans. Revolutions have phases. Onetime outsiders are now part of the city’s establishment (even if other parts of it don’t like it).

Time to move on.


Update: And yes I know there have been a lot of these stories in the MSM of late which may mean a narrative is being pushed by the secretive and powerful who are upset their Hummers can’t get over the Lion’s Gate to West Van.

Conversely it might just be a reflection of people actually getting pissed off, in an Occam’s Razor kind of way…