Lies, damn lies, and lying about statistics

The Tory case against the long-form census was always clearly absurd, but this seems a significant development, as it indicates that Tony Clement & co. fall less into the stupid category (though the jury is still out!) and more into the liars category. A highlight:

Mr. Sheikh countered with different wording: “a census by its design is able to meet a broader range of data demands than a survey. The National Household Survey will meet the needs of many users.”

Later, Mr. Clement’s office provided a version that deleted the phrase about census design.

In other words, they altered Sheikh’s memo to change the meaning of what he had said. And…

The documents also show that Statscan warned the Industry Department in March about the problems with voluntary surveys after Industry asked for information on the results of a test census carried out in 2009.

This really puts Clement’s now infamous Twitter exchange with economist Stephen Gordon in a whole new light. Sigh.