Wrongway Tsakumis

Legion of Doom D-lister Alex Tsakumis (I’ve finally remembered how to spell his name!) weighs in on the resignation of the head of StatsCan over at Frances Bula’s with a comment both ignorant and arrogant that it…perfectly encapsulates the man’s modus operandi of pissing into the wind. And I cannot resist…

But for a little truth serum…

Ah, yes, the oracle speaks..

If Munir Sheikh was serious about his opposition to the voluntary national survey he should have never put forward the option to the Minister and should not have taken the better part of a month to resign.

Yep. That’s it. That’s the argument. There are two parts to it. The first is why Statscan offered a voluntary long-form as a option. But we don’t actually know what Statscan offered, as the Department was muzzled (as all Department’s have been) on the government’s orders.

The agency is no longer granting interviews on the issue and is now responding to inquiries with e-mail statements only.

But, as things do, word slips out

The sources say Statistics Canada made no recommendations and only came up with policy options because they were asked to do so by Clement.

And they say the data gathering federal agency did not specifically recommend going the voluntary route.

Rather, they suggested that either the status quo or the complete eradication of the long list of questions would be the better way to go, several sources said.

The option chosen by the federal cabinet was not at the top of the list of options, the sources said. Instead, StatsCan told ministers if they insisted on going that route, they would have to spend more money and dramatically increase the size of the survey in an attempt to get accurate results.

Whoopsie. The second part of Alex’s “truth serum” is, well, why didn’t Munir Sheikh resign immediately. For Alex, this is “suspicious”, displaying eminently his reliance on the subjective. Well I dunno…for most reasonable, mature people taking your ball and going home isn’t the first option. Perhaps maybe, just maybe, Sheikh thought he could change the Minister’s mind without throwing away his career. But that’s just me. And many others.

Finally’ there’s the piece de la resistance…

I’ve been critical of this PM, but in many instances, like this one, the offended party is a grandstanding twit.

Yeah! Remember when Munir Sheikh took to grandstanding on Twitter and along the way completely embarrassed himself by demonstrating a lack of understanding of statistics! That was excellent!

Did anyone even know Munir Sheikh’s name before yesterday?

It’s long past established in my opinion that if Alex Tsakumis takes a position, for god’s sake take the other one. Statistically speaking.