links for 2010-07-19

  • "Most reputable studies show that the overall costs are generally comparable, with many studies showing lower costs for the public sector. These results are confirmed through recent evidence in Ontario. Auditors’ reports and staff studies for Ontario cities that have both in-house and contracted waste collection have found no on-going cost savings from contracting out, with some reporting substantial savings from in-house collection…

    …There is strong evidence elsewhere that the cost of private sector waste collection increases at a faster rate than in-house collection costs. Initial cost savings from privatization tend to evaporate as private sector costs increase at a more rapid rate.
    Examples in Ontario also reflect this tendency, with the costs of private contracted service increasing at a more rapid rate than costs for public waste collection. This has led to a number of municipalities subsequently contracting back in these services in order to gain savings."

  • "That's really the only relevant question: how much longer will Americans sit by passively and watch as a tiny elite become more bloated, more powerful, greedier, more corrupt and more unaccountable — as the little economic security, privacy and freedom most citizens possess vanish further still? How long can this be sustained, where more and more money is poured into Endless War, a military that almost spends more than the rest of the world combined, where close to 50% of all U.S. tax revenue goes to military and intelligence spending, where the rich-poor gap grows seemingly without end, and the very people who virtually destroyed the world economy wallow in greater rewards than ever, all while the public infrastructure (both figuratively and literally) crumbles and the ruling class is openly collaborating on a bipartisan, public-private basis even to cut Social Security benefits?"