Last week, there was a long and sometimes thoughtful discussion on the Black Bloc here at the Georgia Straight. This included a call by yours truly for the organizers representing non-violent protesters to publically disinvite them from upcoming events, and shun them if they do show. And lo and behold

In contrast to a G20 solidarity march held in Vancouver on July 4, black bloc tactics won’t be welcome at this demonstration…..“We’ve taken a very strong stance that violent protesting is not okay, and creating destruction in any way does not help further the democratic process,” Fehr said. “It just scares away anyone who would be sitting on the fence on an issue, and it doesn’t help people get involved.”

Black Bloc supporters have shown up in the comments and have displayed the sort of intolerance they are supposedly fighting against. The irony is these same supporters who this week are calling Ashley Fehr and David Eby stooges of the government were insisting last week the worst violence was undertaken by agent provocateurs (so what better reason to discard the tactic). It will be interesting to see what happens on July 17th.