See no data, hear no data, speak no data…

Brass ornament of three wise monkeys, "Speak No Evil, See No Evil, Hear No Evil" Chaplins, CC1994_468
Well, Frances has gotten me all worked up. Well, maybe not “worked up” more than I was already, but motivated to write, anyway. Pointing to André Picard’s opinion piece in the Globe, we are reminded that, for some inexplicable reason, the Conservative government has dropped the mandatory requirement for the long-form census.

Okay, so it’s not actually inexplicable. Facts, as someone once said, have a well-known liberal bias. What’s a right-wing government to do when your ideology comes under attack by the freedom hating armada of facts? How are you going to be able to lambast the poor when the data shows there might be reasons for poverty other than laziness.

You stop collecting them.

What’s collected in the long-form? Ethnicity, education, and income. Who’s bilingual. Who uses public transit. Are you a tenant. Are you disabled. All the things a good government uses to craft effective policy. But the Tories don’t need such stuff to craft policy. They have the Bible of the Free Market. And the Bible, for that matter. Who needs science when you operate on faith?

Of course, the Tories are merely reacting to the massive public outcry over being “coerced” to fill out the long-form. Oh…right, there wasn’t one. There’s some lady in Saskatchewan. Indeed:

Industry Minister Tony Clement has said that no polling or consultation was done on the issue

But I’m informed by FABula commentator Booge that Mr Clement is debating the pros and cons of this on Twitter. I look forward to the imminent repeal of the Enlightenment.