Atlas twittered

Here’s Industry Minister Tony Clement’s twitter feed. It’s like reading a 16 year old disciple of Ayn Rand. The recurring theme? The long-form was “coercive” and represented an unwarranted intrusion by the state. Ex.

It’s logic like this that causes more & more state coercion & intrusion. RT @GarethPerry314 And if people don’t pay their taxes?

(How many people have been thrown in the clink for not filling out their census form? Dunno, but I’m guessing none. As of yet. But then Sandra Finley refused in a deliberate and public act of civil disobedience and has indicated she will go to jail rather than pay the $500 fine.)

Naturally, Tony Clement handed Stephen Harper his resignation letter when he saw this:

Don’t tell Tony that Australia coerces it’s citizens into voting.

Update: Whoopsie