Scenes from the Counter Reformation

Decloaking for a moment to note this primo slice o’martyrdom. Steffenhagen seems to be from that school of thought where an apology, even one where the apologist couches “I don’t know if this is a political statement” is as good as an admission of guilt. Quick, those bonfires don’t build themselves and some of those bigger bus drivers will take a long time to cook. Professional spokesmodel Alex Tsakumis knows that not only were the drivers passing wee Madeline by, but they were put up to it by the evil union movment (as opposed to, say, being a gay bus driver). His secret power is projection, you see.

Of course, as some try to note, students of many religions are passed by all the time for the sinister reason the bus was full. Does anyone claim anywhere the buses were not full? No. Did our intrepid CanWest’ers actually talk to anyone from Coast Mountain? Of course not. Might not Coast Mountain apologise for the simple fact Little Mountain called them up…like they might to any justified or unjustified irate user who also bothered to call their customer service line?

Even taking the girls story at full face value – no motive for the great passing by can be ascertained. Unless angels told them.